Development Process

There are various standards and methods for developing, delivering, and maintaining software. Some are better than others. Of course, your way is the best way. We are flexible and willing to adjust our methods and practices to fit into your process.

What matters most is that we strive to build quality products on time and on budget. The most important factor in any process is communication and collaboration. Our goal is to help you deliver projects that meet or excede your customer's expectations.

We have built complex systems in extreme environments under tight deadlines. We have worked with teams that adhere to strict CMMI processes, MSF, RUP, iterative, prototyping, waterfalling, test-driven, agile, chaotic and custom, domain-specific methodologies.

Wherever you are in the process of devloping your project we can help you with: planning, gathering requirements, product specification, prototyping, high-level and detailed design, documentation, development, code reviews, testing, deployment, training, maintenance and support.

We have collaborated with teams that require adherence to strict, formalized processes complete with full documentation with UML and ERP diagrams and close attention to design detail. We have also successfully delivered systems based on vague requirements written on scraps of paper or scribbles on white boards. Process is good. Communication and collaboration are essential.

We have worked with teams on-site, off-site, and off-shore. We can help you to develop and enforce standards and manage your project. Whatever your scenario is, we would like to plug ourselves into your process.

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