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We have some great tools and we are not afraid to use them. We have experience building websites for just about any type of interest you can imagine. From General Motors to Ford to Microsoft to the Bank of America. From Kentucky pretzel shops to private Caribean cruise lines to New Jersey paper manufacturers. From Pittsburgh hard-core punk to San Francisco psychedelic rock. From insurance agents to realtors to potters to mega-churches to international airlines and railroads. From mom and pop shops and humble non-profits to some of the planet's largest corporations, we have experience building all kinds of systems and applications. 

Our focus is on delivering usable, scalable, reliable, effective, robust, and secure software applications for the web. 

We can help you advertise your products or services. We can help you sell more online. We can help you establish communication hubs to tie together geographically seperated teams. We can help you build custom content management systems to enable your team to easily publish and maintain it's work. We can help you to replace tedius, paper-based processes with web-enabled, data-centric software applications. We can fix the broken systems and upgrade the obsolete sites that others have built for you. We can help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably. If you have an idea, we can probably build it.

We are software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, user interface developers, mid-tier business logic coders, database administrators, and results-driven, customer-focused, professional consultants. We are always seeking to develop new partnerships and take on new challenges. How can we serve you?

Ted Hall is the owner of nooEarth. He is also the pastor at New Life Christian Fellowship in Medina, Ohio. 

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nooEarth Development & Design
733 Twin Oaks Boulevard
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